Clear Creek Homes Association
COVID-19 Pool Reopening Process

The Board of Directors of Clear Creek Homes Association ("CCHA") will be following guidelines illustrated in the State of Kansas "Ad Astra -- A Plan to Reopen Kansas". CCHA will be moving from phase to phase as the State of Kansas and Johnson County governments allow. Members are asked to assist us in abiding by the rules set forth in the reopening document that can be located online at: https://covid.ks.gov/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Reopen-Kansas-Framework-v5-1.pdf

As you may be aware, the reopening plan is subject to frequently alterations, including delays in moving from phase to phase.  On Tuesday, the Governor made the announcement that association pools may not open during Phase 2.  Assuming the state will be transitioning to Phase 3 as scheduled, the earliest we can open the association pool will be:


Reopening is subject to a number of conditions too.  While the maximum number allowed at the pool facility is strictly limited in the State plan (45 people), Johnson County Environmental may authorized us to calculate a greater number than the State allowance.  We will continue to monitor this situation and plan accordingly.
Reopening conditions included in Phase 3 are as follows:
·       No more than 45 people can be at our pool location (subject to JOCO recommendations)
·       Maximize social distancing practices (six feet minimum)
·       Masks are encouraged
·       Frequent hand washing is encouraged
·       Do not visit the pool if you do not feel well
CCHA is implementing some measures to help promote social distance (at least in the early phases): 
·       Daily cleaning and sanitizing the facility (including bathrooms, door handles, chairs, deck, etc.)
·       Drinking fountains will be disconnected (bring your own water)
·       Adults must accompany children
·       Guests will not be permitted
·       Parties will not be permitted
·       Additional cleaning supplies and soap will be purchased for vendor and member use
·       Members should consider bringing personal disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer etc.
If residents do not work together to comply with the reopening requirements, CCHA reserves the right to close the pool.
We will continue to monitor announcements and will keep you appraised. 

Clear Creek Homes Association
General Update and Notice Regarding COVID-19
In an effort to inform you about progress the Board has made since our last annual meeting and decisions made regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, we offer the following:
As discussed at the annual meeting, Clear Creek Homes Association would not be allowed to open our community pool without a resurfacing project taking place.  After securing the increase in dues assessment, the Board bid out the project with three different vendors.  The contract was awarded to the lowest bidder, Association Pool Service (“APS”), who is the same company that handles our regular maintenance of the pool through the summer. 
The Board has selected the materials and color of the new surface.  The project should take place during the month of April.  APS has been in contact with Johnson County to ensure that we will comply with their wishes and be able to open the pool for the 2020 pool season. 
As agreed to at the annual meeting, a ground maintenance request for proposal was developed and sent out to bid.  This process was slightly delayed due to the COVID-19 situation but we were able to secure bids from three quality vendors.  The Board has deliberated at length and has selected to contract with Premier Lawns, a new vendor for Clear Creek.  You should see work begin this week. 
Because of the COVID-19 situation, the Board has delayed making formal arrangements for our annual block party. The board hopes that things will return to normal so that the association can schedule social activities.
Because of the COVID-19 situation, the Board has decided to postpone the spring garage sale.  The Board felt that creating an event that brings people from all over the metro area to our homes association was not a good idea at this time.  The Board does recognize the need for a garage sale as many residents have been busy cleaning things up around the house due to the “Stay at Home” order from the County.  We will reschedule one as soon as possible upon applicable advice from the government and medical professionals. 
Johnson County has advised homes associations to continue making preparations for pool operations this summer.  We have been given permission to proceed with pool projects such as the resurfacing.  We will ensure that our vendors will comply with the maximum of ten people at a time and social distancing precautions be followed when doing these tasks.  
We will await both the instructions from Johnson County regarding if/when we can formally open the pool for members and guests. 
Trash service will be switching from Waste Management to Constable starting Thursday, April 1st, 2021.  Waste Management's last service day will be Thursday, March 25, 2021.  Residents will be notified once a date for Waste Management bin pick up has been confirmed.
In an effort to keep you abreast of COVID-19 information, decisions made by the Board because of COVID-19 and for general reference, we will regularly make posts on the official website.  We ask that everyone register on the site at www.clearcreekhoa.com. If you have already registered please check and update your contact information.  We know that members requested “better communication” from the association at the annual meeting.  The website is our least expensive communication tool and the more residents we have registered (so that we can email you) the more we can improve in that area.  Tell yoru neighbors about the site!
Many residents may decide to get some home projects completed now that commutes to work have been eliminated and time at home has become more abundant.  We remind members that if you are making modifications to the exterior of your homes (driveways, roofs, paint, fencing, etc.), that you take the time to submit an ACC form online.  The committee is still functioning in this environment and promptly responds.  You may locate the form, entitled “Architectural Control Form” on the website under “Documents”.   
We hope that you and your family remain safe during this time.  We ask that you respect your neighbors by following the homes association rules, practicing good social distancing and assisting them if they are in need of help.
Doug May                                                              Board of Directors
Home Association Solutions, LLC                             Clear Creek Homes Association

Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

News Articles
Pool Opening Update
Posted on Jul 18th, 2019
In light of yet another change in policy regarding association pool openings, it appears the state and county governments have modified conditions and are allowing associations to open pools sooner than the original date to move to phase three of the state reopening plan. The requirements of the Governor's "Ad Astra" reopening plan are still "highly recommended" by the Johnson County governing body.

As such, the association intends to open of the pool facility as soon as possible. We are working to implement a few COVID-19 related items (i.e. installation of proper signage, securing disinfectants and equipment, disconnecting of drinking fountains, appropriate chair placement, etc.). These efforts are designed to help educate and better protect our membership, however, they require a little time to accomplish. 

The pool will NOT be open this weekend but we intend to get the pool fully functional by Saturday, June 6th.

Stay tuned, summer pool season is coming!
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Architectural Control Required for Exterior Changes & Improvements
It has come to our attention that many improvements have been made to lots/homes without getting the requisite approval from the Architectural Review Committee. The need for approval is in the Clear Creek Declarations--a contract YOU signed and which is enforceable by the Association. If an improvement is completed (this includes fences) it may be subject to removal if the requisite approval was not applied for and granted. We know is sounds harsh, but YOU signed the contract. Do not take a chance and build something without approval.
The process is quick and easy. Simply submit and Architectural Request Form describing your proposed construction project.  Most requests are processed in about one week.  Questions? Contact Home Association Solutions at 913-825-0001.  To learn more about which projects require architectural review, check out the Clear Creek Restrictions in the "Documents" section of this website.
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